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World Book Day

On the International Book Day we hold a book fair in which our students can see the last titles, they can buy them at a discount and this way we encourage reading. In class we are going to carry out several activities related to the world of literature such as talking about their favourite books or writers. We could also do a brainstorming session about famous writers and what they wrote. We are open to students´ suggestions.
We could also make a video by using the moviemaker where our students can talk briefly about their favourite books and why they like them.

On the 23rd of April this year we are going to use the moviemaker and a guideline called "We Like Reading" in which we are going to make our students express their own ideas orally about their favourite books:


1-When I read I feel that … I am in another world//

fairies and magical creatures exist

It is possible to build a different world // I can learn many things

Human beings are amazing

Time isn´t real

I can visit other places//

//I can create my own world //

// I can forget about everything else

there is hope // magic exists

2-For me a good book is full of… adventures

magical places
impossible situations
other cultures
interesting characters

3-I prefer reading to other hobbies because … I only need a book

I learn many things

I feel free / relaxed

I can travel in time

4-My favourite book is _______________. It was written by __________ in (date).

I read it in __________. It is about …………………..

I would recommend this book to people who like science fiction/ love and romance / true
stories / horror / adventure / plays / poetry.

5-My favourite writer is __________; he/she is from ___(country)_____ and I love his/her
book called (title) because it is full of action / incredible characters / mystery / fantasy

The plot is very nice / it is a true story

6-When I was a little girl/boy I read … comics

My favourite book was ______________.

I read by myself every day/week/night for 20/30 minutes / before going to sleep / after doing
my homework/lunch/ dinner ...

My mum / dad / grandfather / grandmother used to read with me.

7-I don´t like reading because… it is tiring / difficult

fairy tales

adventure books

// books are very long

En célébrant cette journée dans le monde entier, l'UNESCO s'efforce de promouvoir la lecture, l'industrie éditoriale et la protection de la propriété intellectuelle à travers le droit d'auteur.

Le 23 avril 1616 disparaissaient Cervantes et Shakespeare. C’est pourquoi cette date, symbolique pour la littérature universelle, a été choisie par la Conférence générale de l’UNESCO afin de rendre un hommage mondial au livre et à ses auteurs, et encourager chacun, en particulier les plus jeunes, à découvrir le plaisir de la lecture et à respecter l’irremplaçable contribution des créateurs au progrès social et culturel.

Voici un mini-quizz spécial "livres".
Visitez "Cours de français" pour réaliser plus d'activités.

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