lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

ANDALUCIA The day in which we celebrate that we belong to Andalucía must be considered as an event that provides us the opportunity of going back to our roots in order to remenber our identity as Andalucians. In this special day we celebrate our brotherhood as Andalusians stating our differences as well as our common aspects. In our institute IES Sierra Almijara we have paid special attention to this event dealing with different aspects. For example, the students of First of ESO have worked the relevant characteristics of each province of Andalucia stating the common and different features of each one. There has been also a special event in our institute in which some groups have attended a lecture by an important writer who was born in Nerja and who has written an important book about this beautiful village. And in the break time there was a traditional Andalusian breakfast for all the students with bread and oil, traditonal here in the Axarquia and in Andalucíain general. In this blog we have also paid special attention to this event and some of the teachers have worked with their groups using different links to seach information related to the topic.

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