sábado, 18 de enero de 2014



We are working in the level of 3rd of ESO in a project called "Nerja.Our Environment". This project involves different subjects using a multidisciplinar topic: our environment. The different teachers are working with this group different aspects of Nerja related to its environment. For example, the teacher of phylosophy is working about different ONGs and associations set in Nerja; the teacher of P.E is working with different facilities of Nerja related to sports and the teachers of English are working with the students about the most traditional festivities and the most famous biographies of the most relevant and important people living in  Nerja.
To watch the different projects it is neccesary to enter the blogs of the different teachers such as Rocío Fernández Mena, phylosophy; Carlos Rodríguez Arias, P.E( 3rd ESO level here); Dolorez Muñoz, English and Victoria Fernández, English. 

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